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Stepping into a fashion world is a challenging endeavor for me. Being one of the cofounder of Divine Fashion, to make this dream and passion a reality is not an easy process, it comes along with long hours, sacrifices, a ton of stress and efforts.

I love fashion, especially chic and fresh fashion. I spent my childhood hoping that I would grow up and design something with my creativity on a daily basis.

We started Divine as e-commerce brand in 2018 and set our sights on reaching not only local but also global customers. Divine is a female handbag fashion brand and essentially all about the empowerment for the women. Our premium designer bags are crafted in 100% eco-friendly vegan leather and natural canvas materials. We make sure that we only sell quality and versatile handbags that we would proudly carry them all the time.

Unfortunately, this Covid-19 pandemic is having major impacts and hit us hard by March 2020. It has been challenging for us to keep financial wheels turning during the pandemic lockdown period. It is difficult to gauge how long this crisis will last. In order to combat this crisis, we have been forced to adapt to current market trends and worked hard in sustaining ongoing operations. We experience ups and downs as fashion is a fast-paced industry and highly competitive. Yet, these are the risks we need to take and be prepared to tackle any setbacks and hurdles along the ways.

I am a firm believer that nothing is impossible if you constantly push yourself to achieve the best in life. Road to success is always an uphill battle. Be comfortable with failures and risks, do not be defeated. You need to have right attitude and mindset in order to succeed. Persevere!

Take care and stay safe everyone.


Lots of love and encouragement,
Co-Founder – Dr. Cindy

Our Inspiration for Premium Designer Bags

Our inspiration is that a Divine premium bag embodies style, quality, versatility and affordability.

Divine is essentially all about the empowerment for the women –  premium designer bags that bring out the versatility of a woman’s strength and character.

Stylish Yet Versatile Handbags

Since our establishment in 2018, our premium designer bags quintessentially define timeless style and quality while versatile enough to cross over from day use to an elegant evening accessory.

100% Vegan Leather Bags

All Divine collections are crafted with loving care in a cruelty-free and eco-friendly environment.  These women handbags use 100% premium vegan leather materials.

More than a Handbag

A handbag is always more than a handbag. A woman handbag defines her sense of style and quality. A Divine premium bag personalizes style and quality. Our premium bags are versatile – ideal for a woman who plays different roles in her life. A handbag that is a must-have – for work, for play and everything else in between.

Functional and Fashionable Woman Handbags

Timelessly stylish yet affordable using the finest quality synthetic vegan leather, our premium bags are highly functional and fashionable bags that are perfect to be used as everyday handbags – from office use and glamorous evening events. All our bags have organized compartments and straps for ease of use. These handbags are incredibly durable and accentuate an individual’s sense of style.

Premium Bag for All Day Use

Our premium bags cover a wide range of unique styles to suit your daily needs.  These premium bags are designed meticulously to effortlessly transform from a professional day look into an elegant evening appearance.

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